Bracing Through The New Normal: 4 Ways To Enjoy Be...

Bracing Through The New Normal: 4 Ways To Enjoy Being Stuck At Home When You’re An Extrovert

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If you know of someone who is outgoing and thrives off interaction with the world outside, then that individual is an extrovert. Extroverts draw their energies from being with other people. It is no wonder why many are not comfortable being stuck at home in the new normal. They need to be out and fuel their need to socialize with others.

This pandemic has put the extroverts in a difficult situation because staying at home is just not their thing. Not being able to connect with others in-person, not being able to go outdoors and play, and not being able to feel that energy they get when they are in a crowd are making extroverts go crazy.

Although the introverts have their own struggle during this pandemic as well, extroverts need more survival guide in being isolated. We all have no choice but to stay at home. So with the new normal coming in, here are top tips for extroverted people to enjoy being stuck at home.

Reach Out

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Even though you have your family with you in your home, you really seek interaction with non-family members. You can reach out and get involved with the community by volunteering in activities that will help fight the crisis the pandemic brings. Just be sure that you are in top shape and that no one in your household is immuno-compromised.

You can also revive your social life in the new normal by connecting with your friends who are also stuck at home through video chat or phone calls. Maybe, you would feel that talking to them face to face is different, but at least it will lessen that feeling of isolation during the new normal.

Hike And/Or Bike

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Another way to feed your hunger in being connected with nature and the world outside your house is by taking a hike or bike within your neighborhood. You may also stop by and say hi to people around. By doing so, you are not only doing yourself a favor. You are also exchanging energies with others who are also seeking attention from others.

If you want to go beyond your neighborhood, you may take your bicycle with you and go for a ride to refresh your mind and body. But don’t be tempted to invite your friends for a group ride. It is safest to fly solo while the pandemic is on the rise. Take time to wave to other bikers you meet.

Just don’t forget to always wear your mask and keep your distance whether you are hiking or biking. Remember that social distancing still applies even if you are riding your bike during the new normal.

Be Creative

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Being stuck at home is an opportunity to let your creative juices flow. Missed camping this summer? Why not set up your tent in your backyard and camp with your sibs? Take out the grill and get your hotdogs and marshmallows. And you can even do a campfire! Instead of stargazing with friends, isn’t it great that you can now do it with the Fam Bam?

You may as well think of worthwhile things to do like plunging into a hobby you never had time to consider before because you are almost always out. Uncover your green thumb and let life blossom from it. Or, who knows, maybe you are a great cook about to be discovered. The options are a lot and you will realize that there is also life at being stuck at home.

Be Positive

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In any aspect of life, no one could go wrong at being positive. With the right mindset, you can overcome this stay-at-home challenge. Just think about the good you can do by keeping up with the community quarantine measures. It will ease up your negative notions of being stuck at home for most of the days in the new normal.

Try to enjoy the little things that bring joy to your home. Think of the people and things you are grateful for every day and write it down. With that, you can see that there is so much to be thankful for than worrying about being stuck at home.

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