Sungayan Grill: The Number 1 Go-To Place In Bolina...

Sungayan Grill: The Number 1 Go-To Place In Bolinao For An Incredible Dining Experience

Boodle-Fight Style-Sungayan Grill

In what manner can individuals be satisfied with regards to food? Dine at a costly restaurant? Well, if you ask me, I strongly recommend that you try something new particularly at Sungayan Grill.

There, you can experience cruises that provide a romantic outlook of the river with great ambiance. You’ll definitely be filled with scenic views and incredibly delicious meals like the exotic and delicious grilled sungayan fish. This makes you want to eat, right? 

About The Place

Sungayan is the Tagalog term for unicorn fish. It’s a seawater fish with a horn-like nose that protrudes on its forehead. When cooked and grilled to perfection, its meat is firm and very juicy. This is the dish that made this restaurant popular among travelers and locals alike.

Bilao Grill - Sungayan Grill
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People come in here not only for the food but for the experience as well. It is the only floating restaurant in the neighborhood that traverses the cleanest river in Luzon. The fresh clean water lulling the boat and the big mangroves surrounding the river will fill your eyes with the greenery and peacefulness of the place. 

Floating Restaurant - Sungayan Grill
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It is not a wonder why people point to Sungayan Grill when they ask for good eats and great travel experience.

The Sungayan Grill has a floating nipa hut that is made up of bamboo. It can accommodate 10-15 persons. You can always opt to just eat in one of the huts while being anchored beside the main dining hall for free.

But if you want the whole experience which I highly recommend, you may avail the river cruise for an extra fee starting at PHP 1,000. A motorboat will pull the floating hut along the beautiful Balingasay River for a unique scenic dining experience. 

How To Get To Sungayan Grill

To get to Sungayan Grill from Manila, ride a bus bound for Bolinao, Pangasinan. Five-Star has scheduled trips going to this destination. Tell the driver to drop you off at Bolinao Five-Star Terminal. Travel time is around 6-7 hours via NLEX.

Upon reaching Bolinao, transfer to a tricycle to Barangay Balingasay. 

The Experience

If you’ve ever been to Bohol, you’ll know that Sungayan Grill is a bit like the Loboc River Cruise. The only difference is that the dining style here is what’s called a boodle fight as opposed to the buffet style offered there.

Fiesta Bilao - Sungayan Grill
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For the untrained foodie, a boodle fight is a kind of dining that originated from Filipino military troops. You and a group of people should stand and surround a table lined with banana leaves where food is served and eaten. And, by the way, you eat with your bare hands.

Sungayan Grill has a calm and cool ambiance, owing to all the nature surrounding the area. So, make sure to bring your cameras so that you can capture some nice pictures and share them on social media. It is the best way to bond with friends and family. 

You may also book events, anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings with this restaurant by contacting them via their Facebook page

The Food

Food is, of course, one of the reasons visitors come to Sungayan Grill. Pangasinan is a province near the sea, which makes seafood products accessible and therefore less expensive in this place. 

Aside from the grilled sungayan that they’re known for, this restaurant offers a variety of set meals guaranteed to satisfy your Filipino seafood cravings.

Seafood Fiesta

This is a must-try for large crowds. This is an all-in-one package that includes the star of the show, the grilled sungayan (seasonal), or a choice between malaga or pampano. This bundle also includes grilled bangus, grilled liempo, calamares, steamed crabs or nilasing na hipon, steamed shrimps, pinakbet, ensalada, seasonal fruits, hot steamed rice, and iced tea or soda.

The package costs PHP 2,500 for 9-10 persons and PHP 3,800 for 10-15 persons. 

Fiesta Bilao Grill

The Fiesta Bilao Grill is a good alternative for smaller groups. They offer three sizes and have two sets of options to choose from.

Bilao 1

Small (good for 2-3 persons) – PHP 900

Medium (good for 4-5 persons) – PHP 1,250

Large size (good for 7-10 persons) – PHP 1,650


Grilled sungayan (seasonal), malaga, or pompano, Grilled liempo, calamares, steamed crabs (seasonal) or nilasing na hipon, steamed shrimps, ensalada, a platter of steamed rice, and a pitcher of iced tea or soda.

Bilao 2

Small (good for 2-3 persons) – PHP 850

Medium (good for 4-5 persons) – PHP 1,100

Large size (good for 7-10 persons) – PHP 1,500


Grilled bangus, grilled liempo, calamares, steamed crabs (seasonal) or nilasing na hipon, steamed shrimps, ensalada, a platter of steamed rice, and a pitcher of iced tea or soda.

Sungayan Grill is the best place for your hungry tummies. Going to this place is a dream come true. It is a great place to spend time with your loved ones without having to break the bank.

Sure, having a luxurious meal in an air-conditioned bistro is awesome, but spending time with friends and family while river cruising on a floating restaurant is surely a pop. 

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