Sugar Waxing: A Beauty Secret From the Past

Sugar Waxing: A Beauty Secret From the Past


In today’s society where hair- free and flawless skin is still one of the bases of beauty, waxing or shaving is considered a must. While there is a wide range of procedures to help you achieve a hair-free and flawless skin, many still prefer waxing.

Waxing became popular to people for its effects and advantages in having smooth skin. There are several types of waxing methods but one of the most famous and effective is the sugar wax.

Sugar Wax History

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One of the types of wax used in hair removal is the sugar wax or Persian wax which is discovered centuries ago. Sugaring is a waxing method that has been used by ancient people since 1900 B.C. It is considered as an ancient Egyptian art of body waxing. 

Even before, having smooth and hair-free skin is considered as a standard of beauty. That is why Egyptian women made their own wax using a mixture of oil and honey for them to remove unwanted hair from the roots.  It is presumably used by Cleopatra herself as one of her beauty regimens.

It is speculated that honey is the sugaring agent that ancient Egyptian women used. Many variations are created, but the most commonly used ingredients of sugar wax today are sugar, water, and lemon for sugaring or waxing. 

Sugaring as a Depilatory Method

As the standard of beauty still focused on having a flawless and smooth skin here in our society today, Sugaring or sugar waxing is a very effective way of removing unwanted hair while taking care of your skin.

It has all-natural ingredients not the same as regular wax which can harm and irritate your skin because of the presence of chemicals which can harm your skin. Because of this, sugaring is much preferred by many on the removal of unwanted hair especially on larger areas of the skin.

Sugaring is a very affordable and convenient way to remove unwanted hair from your body as it uses ingredients that you have in your own kitchen. The availability of sugar wax makes it more favorable to use by many.

Benefits of Sugar Waxing

Here are some of the benefits that you can get in sugar waxing:

All-natural ingredients – Sugar wax is made from all-natural ingredients which are sugar, lemon/citric acid, and water. It doesn’t need chemicals that can harm your skin.

Risk-free from burning skin – Since its made from natural ingredients, sugar paste adjust to warm for about body temperature as you use it. This results in no risk of burning, unlike the regular wax that is needed to be reheated when using it.

Sugar wax doesn’t dry on the skin – While regular wax easily dries on your skin and hard to pull out, sugar wax is the opposite. Sugar wax, as stated above, adjust to the body temperature when it is applied. With this, leaving the sugar wax on the skin won’t do any harm.

Easy to clean – Cleaning wax can be messy but with sugar wax, water is all you need for cleaning. it is because sugar paste is water-soluble. Sugar wax dissolves easily when water is applied. Just wipe the waxed area with water-dipped cotton and it comes off easily.

Almost permanent result – Because waxing can pull out hair from the roots, consistent waxing can lead to thinner hair growth and almost permanent result. 

With lots of the modern way of depilation to achieve hair-free skin, sugar waxing or sugaring still makes its way to this modern era. This ancient art of body sugaring is truly a beautiful gift of art from the past.

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