Bracing Through The New Normal: 9 Ways on How To T...

Bracing Through The New Normal: 9 Ways on How To Take Care Of Yourself As A Frontline Worker

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Frontline workers have always been a vital part of our society. They continuously provide care to people’s health, security, and welfare. Now, due to the COVID-19, we need them more than ever. 

While they provide necessary care to people in their day-to-day lives, they often neglect their own health. Because they often put the needs of others before themselves, the possibility of experiencing emotional distress and physical fatigue is high. 

Self-care is necessary, or should we say even critical, during this time. If you are in poor physical, emotional, or psychological condition, how can you be of help to another? Taking care of yourself allows you to also take better care of others. 

Below are some suggested tips that can help you keep tabs on your overall well being:

Choose food that nourishes you and eat them regularly

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It is alright to indulge yourself in some treats, but do pick food that will give you proper sustenance.

Eat fruits and vegetables that will boost your body’s immunity. As much as possible, avoid skipping meals.

Keep yourself hydrated

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Drinking enough fluids keeps your organs functioning properly and your body temperature regulated. Lack of water causes dehydration which greatly reduces brain function. 

Get adequate rest

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Working long shifts can leave you stressed and most people have trouble getting good sleep. If you are experiencing this, try to find something relaxing to do before going to bed.

Taking a warm bath or reading a book are some relaxing activities that you can try to help your mind and body wind down. 

When you can, do exercise 

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Even with quarantine, there are ways for you to get a great workout even at home. Find a way to move your body that will make you feel good. Dancing, yoga, and cardio routines are all great ways to get your heart-rate pumping.

Try some meditation

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You don’t necessarily have to do this at home. This is possible to do even while at work. Take some free moments and find a quiet place. Allowing yourself these few quiet moments to ground yourself and realign your energy can do wonders for your mental health.  

Stay connected

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Quarantine guidelines may not allow us to be physically present to spend time with friends and family but it should not be an excuse to lose touch. Take advantage of technology to create stronger bonds with loved ones.

Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and Facetime are just some of the available platforms you can use for call and video chats. 

Switch off the news

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Working in the frontline is stressful enough as it is. You do not have to immerse yourself further by digesting every piece of information that comes along.

It is best to stay out of the negative environment of politics and social bickering. Learn to filter and accept only necessary and useful information. 

Maintain a normal home life

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Make it a practice that all work issues shall not enter the home. Leave them at the door and maintain a normal home-life. Let yourself enjoy day-offs, set some family time, watch Netflix with your partner, and just let yourself be pampered.

Allow yourself to have fun without feeling guilty or selfish. Learning to enjoy yourself even when surrounded by difficult situations creates a better, more positive you. 

Ask for help

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If you are noticing a significant amount of fatigue or distress, let your supervisor know that you need some time off.  If you think you might need professional help, then go ahead and do so. Doctors have made themselves accessible by having online and phone consultations.

As frontline workers, we understand that you are doing everything you can to keep us safe during these trying times. Finding a balance to stay mentally positive and physically healthy can be a challenge.

Remember, you are resilient and we will get through these tough times. This too will pass. 

Anna is a freelance writer with a passion for fitness and self-improvement.


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