Rank Math Guide For Juanderful Lifestyle Blog

This guide aims to help you get a higher score for your article’s SEO score in Rank Math.

We require all articles to have more than 90% score and have zero errors.

For the complete guide from Rank Math, click here: Score 100/100 With Rank Math Post Tests

If you feel overwhelmed with the above-mentioned article, I advise that you follow the steps in this guide first. These will give you a good starting score. You can then focus on your errors and look for the solution in Rank Math’s guide.

Where can you see Rank Math?

The first thing you have to do when you are done with your article is to click Rank Math.

First step: Keyword

The first thing you have to do is to type in your keyword. Rank Math allows you to have 5 keywords for your article. But for ours, 1-2 is fine.

I personally find this guide from Opt In Monster useful. Read it for reference.

Once you have decided what your keywords are, type them here. It should significantly raise your score already.

Edit Snippet

Just to give you an overview, a snippet or Meta schema is what you see about an article when you search on Google.

Imagine this, you are a reader who typed in the keyword of your article looking for some resources. When the article appears on Google, you want the reader to click you article and not the other results.

With this in mind, write your meta description making sure that the readers know what your article is about without sounding like you are begging them to click.

To edit yours, click here:

Add table of contents

Our table of contents can be found in the blocks menu. Just add it after the intro and before your items.

It will automatically read your headings and create a table of contents for your article that will look like this when published:

The readers can choose to hide the TOC if they want.

Fix Errors

For the final step, you have to make sure that you have NO ERRORS. Refer to the Rank Math guide to see how you can fix your errors.

Our Goal

That’s it. This may seem overwhelming at first, but our goal is to help you be comfortable with SEO. When you get enough practice, you will be able to think about SEO while writing.

For now, though, I suggest you focus on writing your content and reaching your target readers. Once you upload your article to WordPress, fix its SEO.