Parenting: 11 Simple And Highly Effective Ideas Fo...

Parenting: 11 Simple And Highly Effective Ideas For You

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When a child is growing, they slowly turn into a lot of things and mostly, they become out of control. This is why parents need to give a child a close supervision and training as they grow up.

What is Parenting?

Parenting is a responsibility of every parent and even becomes an accomplishment when you see your child grow just as you want him to be. According to Laurence Steinberg, PhD good parenting helps foster empathy, self-control, kindness and cooperation.

With that, our main goal is to train children proper behaviour while building a good relationship with them. That’s why I’d like to share with you some general ideas to help you become highly effective in parenting.

Parenting Ideas

1. Identify your child’s strength.

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Utilize the child’s strength to motivate him and build his self-esteem. You can do this by praising him with his/her accomplishment.

2. Teach them to understand consequences.

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Making them understand the consequences of everything that they’re going to do will help them be more cautious. This may be more powerful than merely saying “no”.

3. Encourage them by telling the truth.

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Remember that children easily get frightened when they make mistakes. So, shouting at them is not a good idea and will possibly lead them to lie even more. Reducing a punishment would be a good encouragement instead of shouting.

4. Avoid negative reactions and sarcasm.

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Children are more often too sensitive so negative reactions and sarcasm will only make them feel worse. You may try to stay kind even if your slowly losing your patience.

5. Teach them how to be responsible.

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Providing lightweight activities such as folding his toy is a method of teaching him to be responsible. Start with the little things until he gets used to it.

6. Monitor their internet usage.

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In this modern generation, we believe millennials are more techy as they put most of their time on using gadgets for entertainment. Giving limitations and punishment for using too much will help them be more controlled. Also, don’t forget to check their gadgets after playing to see their activity.

7. Giving reward for accomplishment

Giving Reward-Parenting
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Giving credit to his accomplishments can encourage him to do things that are good and beneficial.

8. Always find time for your kids.

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One most important thing is to give time to your kids. Get in touch and enjoy every single day while they are young. Besides, you don’t want to miss their childhood, right?

9. Be a good role model.

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Parents are children’s role models. So, we need to show them good things. One great example is to not lie to them because when they find out that you were lying, they might think it is okay to do the same.

10. Avoid harsh discipline.

Harsh Discipline-Parenting
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Hitting your child under any circumstances won’t help and this will only lead them to resent. Instead, communicate with them and know their reason as to why they have done it. By then, you can give him an appropriate punishment.

11. Build a good friendship.

Build Friendship-Parenting
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Yes! Parents should be the children’s first best friend whom they can trust and can become more open. It will also be an easy way for you to know everything about them. No secrets!

Above all, I believe that positive parenting may also help them develop a strong and healthy mindset.

Source: WebMD

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