No One Starts Off Great – A Note To Self

No One Starts Off Great – A Note To Self


Living in this modern era where everything seems very instant, it is so obvious that even in a career, love, or in every aspect of life, people feel the need to start off great and accomplish everything to perfection in a short period of time. They rush things as if they were masters of it and expect things to smoothly fall into place.

It brings discomfort for most of the people to start something new and go through a series of mistakes, failures and to feel upset. Learning consistently to master something takes time which is frustrating especially at the beginning.

The Beginning is Always the Hardest

“Allow yourself to be a beginner, No one starts off being great.”

-Wendy Flynn

Starting something can be difficult, may it be small or big steps in our lives. Perfection is what we often always aim for. We often forget that starting something can be challenging. This can lead to a lot of frustrations and loss of interest in your goals.

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We must consider the littlest things that we need to make or accomplish in order for us to reach them. Thus, others don’t want to pass through this stage of growth because its easier to just shut the door and go back to whatever situation you are, than to start something you’re not used to doing.  And that is the sad reality most of the people are facing at every beginning of their journey.

Starting another chapter in your life takes so much courage and determination for you to keep on going and continue striving towards your goal.

Even Stairs Start with the First Step

Ever since we were young, we are always aiming to be the best, to excel and to be great. But also, as well as kids, we all pass through the stage of life as a beginner.

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We were once also someone who knows nothing about this world. The same thing with anything that we aim in our lives today, we always start as beginners, knowing nothing at all, and this is just fine. 

You don’t have to feel ashamed or embarrassed as every successful people have also been there. You are not alone at that stage. Allowing yourself to be a beginner allows you to make mistakes and be able to correct them. It’s part of the process of growing in whatever phase of your journey that you want to start.

Compare Yourself to No One

“Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20. Comparison is one of the biggest causes of unhappiness. Respect your own journey.”

-Ralph Smart

One of the reasons we get stuck in the process of achieving our goals is because we compare ourselves to other people’s accomplishments. We tend to desire other’s success and compare ourselves to them. All we want is to get in their position. We sometimes forget that they also have their own journey and struggles that we did not witness.

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Don’t ever compare yourself to someone and you are one step closer to your dream. We need to embrace and accept the uncertainty and discomfort of where your journey brings you. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Focus on your strengths. Remind yourself that we all grow at different rates and that is okay.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. We don’t need to rush things and you just need to trust the process. Believe in yourself and in your unique path. Do not lose hope in your dreams. Always give your best shot and everything else will follow.

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