Life In Quarantine: 4 Secrets On How To Make Your ...

Life In Quarantine: 4 Secrets On How To Make Your Marriage Stronger In The “New Normal”

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Being married does not mean being together 24 hours a day, 7days a week. Not seeing each other during the day because one or both has to work is a normal thing for couples.

But suddenly, with the pandemic on the rise, marriage sees the new normal – an odd socially restricted life in quarantine. Husbands and wives are seeing each other all the time now.

At first, it may be exciting having your spouse by your side every second of the day. However, as days go by along with the crisis brought by coronavirus, a lot of relationships are facing struggles adapting to the sudden change in routines.

This life in quarantine are shaking up marriages when it should not. Perhaps what some couples just need is a little bit more of planning and communicating on how to go about their days together.

So, to survive the new challenge that the lockdown has brought about, I’ve listed some tips on how to strengthen your marriage amid this “new normal”.

Treat each other lovingly and kindly.

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You know from the start that your partner is not perfect. But you also accept that person with all the loving traits together with his or her flaws. Those imperfections are easier to ignore when you are not together at all times. 

Now, you come face to face with those shortcomings every time. You might get irritated with it, but hey, let love rule over you. Before you open your mouth, remember that words already spoken are hard to take back. Remember to be kind to avoid hurting each other and ruining your marriage during this life in quarantine.

Give space and find your own space.

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If both of you had a different workplace before life in quarantine and now you are working from home together, it might not be a good idea to share workspaces. Having different lines of work and different ways of working, there is a tendency that one will be a disturbance to the other, or both of you will pose as an annoyance at work.

It would be better to plan together and agree on the spot in your home where each of you can comfortably work. That way, you can avoid unnecessary bickerings should you be working too close to one another in the new normal.

Communicate your needs and wants.

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Always communicate and be clear as to what you expect from each other. Never assume that your spouse already knows what your needs and wants are. However small you think your concern is, you have to open that up and talk with your better half. 

This is to avoid further complicating your issues, especially in these trying times of quarantine. Remember big things start from small ones. So to avoid that anger from flaring up, communication is always the key to sorting things between each other.

Find ways to date each other even on quarantine.

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You may be locked up in your home these days but this does not limit the opportunity to date each other. When the kids are all asleep, it’s time to take out those chips and binge watch with the love of your life. No one has to wake up early to prepare for work, anyways.

You may also share an activity together like tending to the garden plants, trying new recipes, and many other simple things that will help rekindle the romance in your marriage in the new normal.

The global pandemic has put on so much stress to everyone and is not only putting a threat to the economy. The widespread crisis is also putting many marriages at risk. These are the times to wear our hearts on our sleeves despite having to bear life in quarantine.

Instead of letting those negativities get into our nerves and ruin us or the people we care about, let’s make the move to have a happier marriage in the new normal.

Source: Forbes

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