7 Friendship Secrets To Make It Last For A Lifetim...

7 Friendship Secrets To Make It Last For A Lifetime

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One of the best things in life that we get for free is the gift of friendship. Having friends in the earlier stages in our lives helps us learn how to build relationships with people other than our families. The best friends we could ever have are those who will always be there for us in every step of our life’s journey. 

If you are familiar with the song “Make New Friends (But Keep The Old)”, it says old friends are gold. So, how do we keep those “golds” and not lose them as we meet new friends along the way? Here are 10 secrets to make that friendship last for a lifetime.

Be Trustworthy

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Trust is one of the most important factors in every relationship. Especially with friends who share so many secrets. We would always promise not to tell anyone. If you just keep your promise, no trust will be broken. And most importantly, no friendship will be ruined.

Lend An Ear

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When we feel that life is being unfair and very cruel to us, we always run to a friend who we can pour our hearts out to. And when it’s the other way around, we need to have ears that are always ready to listen. Just having someone who will hear us out without being judged lightens our burdens to more than half.

Reach Out And Communicate

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As we grow old, our responsibilities change together with our priorities. Some of our closest friends may have moved to different places. But distance is not a hindrance to true friendships. There are now more ways to get in touch and update each other. We need to keep the line of communication open just to keep up with each other however seldom.

Respect Each Other

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We have to understand that we do not own our friend’s time, even more so his or her life. We have to respect each other’s time. If your friend can’t be there because of some other important reason, be kind enough to understand.

Respecting each other’s opinions is also necessary to keep the friendship. You may argue about some things, but learn to accept that you have different thoughts and you cannot control each other’s minds.

Live By The Golden Rule

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Always remember to not do to others what you don’t want others to do to you. Before doing anything, think about the consequences. Do not make any move to hurt other people especially your friends. NEVER talk behind your friend’s back. Friends are the last people who will turn your back at you so take good care of them.

Be Appreciative And Grateful

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Having friends you can rely on is truly something to be thankful for. Speak of your gratefulness to your friends. Be appreciative of every little thing they do to you. Those acknowledgments, even how little, can create a great impact on a person. It tells that his or her efforts are not in vain. 

Give And Receive Advice

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Friends are not perfect beings. We definitely make mistakes. It is heartwarming when friends support your decisions. It is also good when they scold you if you do something rude. Friends are the people who give and receive unsolicited advice. Do not get offended when your advice is not taken because it is not all the time that you take your friend’s advice as well.  

It’s not every day that we get to find the best friendships in life. And it is not a new thing that many remained friends even in their golden years. Some of those lasting friendships may have started since they were in their pre-school years.

Good friends help us grow as individuals and help us improve our quality of life. With the right choice of friends to match our personalities, we can have friends who are truly for keeps.


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