Deep Language Of Emotions: How Music Incredibly Af...

Deep Language Of Emotions: How Music Incredibly Affects Our Mood


Filipinos love music. There’s always a genre that fits any situation – from hugot playlists and barkada gatherings to family reunions and colorful feasts.

How Does Music Appeal to Our Emotion?

Music influences specific parts of the brain which are responsible for emotions. These brain parts are called hippocampus, prefrontal cortex, and parietal lobe. This explains why the kind of music we’re listening to affects our mood at a certain time.

Let us examine a bit further the factors that link these two.

Rhythm and Heartbeat

Rhythm and Heartbeat - music
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Our heartbeat syncs with the rhythm of the music we’re listening to. When we listen to slow, sad songs, our heartbeat relaxes. It signals our brain that something sad or depressing is happening.

On the other hand, a fast rhythm which intensifies heartbeat has something to do with excitement. This connection explains how what we’re listening to stimulates our brain to feel a certain emotion. Our mind feels what is being communicated to us.

Neurotransmitters and Emotions

Neurotransmitters and Emotions - music
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Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers. They influence different processes and functions inside our body – from sleep to metabolism. Let’s take dopamine and serotonin as examples. These two neurotransmitters trigger positive emotions.

When we listen to upbeat songs, our heart beats with an excited rhythm. The brain then signals the release of dopamine and serotonin which set-off joyful emotions.

This is one of the reasons why some professionals use musical therapy as an aid to treat depressive disorders. This also explains why listening to hugot songs saddens us even if in reality, we’re not really brokenhearted. Music affects us more than we realize.

Lyrics and Meaning

Lyrics and Meaning - music
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Inspirational songs motivate. Rock, heavy metal rhythms with usually consuming wordings express intense emotions. Love songs with cheesy verses give butterflies.

Biblical psalms and hymns stir up a heart of worship. The songs we’re listening to influence us by the message it conveys as interpreted through its lyrics.

Music, from its rhythm, tone, pitch, chord progressions, and lyrics often helps us voice out and express what is sometimes inexpressible.

So, what’s on your playlist?

Source: Effects Of Music Inquiry

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