How To Make Exercise Fun For Your Teens

How To Make Exercise Fun For Your Teens

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Being in your teens isn’t easy by any means. Faced with the daily challenges of school, peers, and increased responsibilities, it is a complex world to navigate. Now, add to that the global pandemic that has turned the world upside down.

Working from home is now the norm and pajamas are the new OOTDs. Schools have gone online and screen time has risen. For everyone’s health and safety, normal outdoor activities have been curtailed.

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Having less time spent outdoors, a person’s mental and physical health can take a toll. This issue not only applies to adults but also teens and children. Children need physical activities and have a lot of energy to burn.

Regular physical activities for teens not only strengthen their bodies, but it also improves their focus and promotes an overall positive outlook. With children cooped up at home, this has left parents concerned about their children’s well-being. 

Help your teens stay active by trying out these fun activities you can do at home:

Dance Off

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Dancing is a good cardio workout that can be fun. It gets your heart rate up and helps with balance and coordination. Mike Peele’s youtube channel has a lot of dance workouts that can get you burning up to 200 calories! These hip-hop workouts even target body parts like glutes, abs, and legs. The dance moves are easy to follow along, and the overall energy and vibe is just a lot of fun!  

Is K-pop more their thing? Try K-Kardio by Jessica Lim. Trendy dance moves with BTS and BLACKPINK equals an awesome dance workout. 

Practice Your Asanas

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Yoga has long been known to ease stress, increase flexibility, and enhance posture. Yoga promotes a calm nature and this practice can help your teens when they are faced with stressful situations. Try out the Yoga for teens to ease them slowly on this activity.

Fit TV

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Teens tend to get bored with repetitive workouts. One way to solve this is by exercising while watching their favorite TV show. If you have exercise equipment at home like a stepper or a stationary bike, these can be used even while your teen is watching TV. Don’t worry if you have none of that, there are plenty of exercises that your teen can do. Lunges, squats, and pushups are just some of the exercises that require no equipment.  


Create games in your home that will have you all moving. If you are blessed with a yard, move the activity there. Host races, see who can skip the most at jump rope, play tag. Give out prizes like the winner gets to pick the movie or choose the snacks. 

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Teach them how to dribble. Play catch. Bring out the hula-hoops. Not only will these activities have them moving, but they can also be a fun way to forge stronger bonds in the family.

Start a Project

Do your teens pass their time watching vlogs? Let them create helpful exercise videos that can be shared with family and relatives. Channel their interests into creative pursuits while incorporating physical activities. 

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For teen nature lovers, introduce them to gardening. Lifting, digging, weeding are all good ways of getting their exercise. Coupled with fresh air and sunlight, you’ve got a healthy, happy activity. 

Give your teens control on how they should be physically active. Teens want to be able to make their own decisions. Giving them choices empowers them to take responsibility for their fitness and health. 

Make them understand that keeping yourselves physically fit helps to keep infections at bay. Daily exercise flushes out toxins and builds up the body’s immunity

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Help them stay motivated and active by being a role model yourself. Remember the adage – walk the talk. Show your support by working out together. 

Take this quarantine as an opportunity to create different ways of exercising and connecting with your teen. 

Anna is a freelance writer with a passion for fitness and self-improvement.


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