6 Types Of Food You Need To Avoid At Night That Wi...

6 Types Of Food You Need To Avoid At Night That Will Make You Sleep Better

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If you’re finding it difficult to sleep at night, you might want to think back on the foods that you ate before you went to bed as those might be why you’re feeling that way. 

If that’s the case, you should read through this article and you might get the answer you were looking for.

Sleeping is essential to our body. It helps us grow and become healthy. Hence, we should be mindful of the foods that we eat and, of course, of the foods that we should not eat before going to bed.

According to Dr. Willie T. Ong, the following types of foods are strictly prohibited at night as it gives you terrible sleep.

Avoid pork, beef, and fat

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When you eat too much meat and fat before bed, it can be hard for your stomach to break down the food. The stomach releases a lot of acids to force it to digest. We all know that acid is one of the common causes of stomach aches. Then probably, this may be what’s affecting your sleep.

Though you can still eat meat before bed, it’s recommended to eat just a little and consider adding more fruits and vegetables for dinner.

Avoid excessive bows

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There’s a saying: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a poor person.” What do we mean by that? Well, it simply means cutting down on eating dinner.

Eating just enough food at dinner helps your stomach feel lighter as there is less food to digest, leading to a night of better quality sleep when your head hits the pillow.

Avoid spicy foods/spices such as chili, pepper, hot sauce, and curry

Spicy foods- avoid at night
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When you eat spicy foods at night, your stomach may ache. According to a study in Australia, hot sauce and mustard enthusiasts are more likely to experience difficulties in sleeping because their stomach is in pain. 

Therefore, it’s better to avoid this type of food if you want a peaceful night’s sleep.

Avoid drinking alcohol

Alcoholic drinks- avoid at night
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There is a misconception that alcohol can help you sleep faster. Although it may somehow be helpful to make you sleep right away, do not expect that you will stay asleep. Drinking alcohol reduces rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, causes snoring, and more bathroom breaks in the middle of the night.

Drinking alcohol also gives you hangovers and headaches in the morning, so you will not just experience bad sleep but you’ll also have to face waking up feeling terrible the next day.

Remember that alcohol can dehydrate your face and skin which can make you look like you’re 50 even though you’re only 30 years old. 

So, it’s better to find other ways to get some z’s other than alcohol if you want to keep your baby face and a good sleep at the same time.

Avoid coffee and energy drinks

Caffeinated drinks- avoid at night
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Drinking caffeinated drinks before bed can make it difficult for you to sleep immediately. So, if you are an avid fan of Starbucks and Dalgona coffee, it’s best to drink it a few hours before bed or you may not be able to sleep at night straightaway.

The same is true if you love drinking energy drinks. Did you know that it has 4 times the amount of caffeine than coffee? In fact, one can of energy drink contains 80 milligrams of caffeine. Imagine putting that much sugar in your body! 

So, if you don’t want to be fully alive at night before hitting the sack, then it’s best to avoid caffeine-laced drinks and surely, you’ll be on your way to dreamland.

Avoid soft drinks

Soft drinks- avoid at night
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Aside from caffeine, soft drinks also contain a lot of sugar which can cause anxiety. Foods that contain high amounts of sugar, including soda, are found to be one of the causes of mental health problems (David, 2013).

While it’s totally fine to indulge in any of your favorite soda once in a while and in moderation, drinking large amounts of soft drinks may contribute to getting less z’s at night which can lead to stress.

So, if you really want to get a good night’s sleep, then you should follow this pretty little advice and leave that bottle of Coke alone for tomorrow’s merienda.

Be careful and take good care of your health because, as the saying goes, “Health is wealth”. Remember, it is better to invest in your health by taking good care of it now so you can reap the benefits in the future. Avoid eating (and drinking) these foods and beverages before bed rather than wantonly indulging yourself so you don’t end up feeling worse in the end. As the common phrase says, “Prevention is better than cure.”

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Choosing the right food for you, whether day or night, makes your life easy and alright. Keep in mind this health advice from the experts, or better yet, have a doctor check on you regularly.

Home remedies may help to some extent, and there’s a lot of sources of health facts and tips around social media, such as YouTube and Facebook, where you can easily get the answers you were looking for, but be sure that it is all accurate and reliable.

Always check with a health professional before doing something you saw online to make sure they’re applicable to you.

Sleep well and have a good night.

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