Nostalgic Batang 90’s Toys That Made Your Ch...

Nostalgic Batang 90’s Toys That Made Your Childhood Awesome

90's toys

90’s toys were really unique. Before smartphones or iPads or tablets, children used to actually play with real toys. We, 90’s kids, we’re really playing our roles holding our action figures with our RPG games and not virtually.

Imagine the excitement we had back then with these 90’s toys we played with our brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors, and friends. Here’s some of the classic batang 90’s toys that bring us fond memories of this great decade.


teks - 90's toys
Photo Credit:  mikhail Photographia

Printed on paper cardboard, we used to collect these “teks” and battle it out with our friends. Images to collect and complete include popular anime and cartoons at the time, Ghost Fighter, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, BTX, Zenki, and sometimes comic strips from Pinoy movies.  Remember how we used to count them, “I-sa, Dala-wa, Tat-lo, A-pat…”


Original pinoy vintage Pogs.Nagkaroon ako dati ng ilan sa mga yan… Kayo din ba nagkaroon dati?

Posted by Mga Batang 90's Kami on Monday, June 26, 2017

Pogs are played like teks. They are the circular version played with a Slammer that needs to flip them over a stack of pogs from each of the players. The pogs that land face up will be collected by the player who slammed the stack.


Jolen - 90's toys
Photo by Anthony from Pexels

90’s toys wouldn’t be complete without the these. Jolen or Holen or marbles come in different colors and sizes. Playing with these require some skills as you need to flick your “pato” (main marble) to a group of jolens inside a circle. You should knock your opponent’s marbles outside the circle.

Paper Dolls

90s paper doll. Nakapaglaro din ba kayo nito??

Posted by SoiSoi 90's Toys Collection on Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Who needs a Barbie when we have these uber cute paper dolls? Seriously, these have nurtured every 90’s girl’s sense of style in a way. Dressing up these paper dolls with all sorts of dresses and hats and shoes was so satisfying. My personal fave were those of Princess Sarah and Sailor Moon!


Trumpo and Yoyo

Before beyblade, we had trumpo (top). This is a conic-shaped toy with an iron-nail pivot which is wrapped with a string that ends with a stopper or washer. Kids play with trumpo by throwing it on a flat surface and let it spin. The top that remains spinning is the winner.

Plastic Balloon

Remember how we’d blow these plastic balloons? Thinking about it now, it was kinda gross when we’d swirl it in our mouth to smoothen the texture of the plastic before actually blowing it from a tiny straw it comes with, but we all had so much fun playing with these 90’s toys and then popping it out on your friend’s forehead.


These fragrant, colorful, translucent beads were famous among young girls and some boys. To the amusement of us kids back then, we used to believe an urban legend that these kisses were able to procreate when stored in cotton and alcohol on it.

It was a mere urban legend though. It creates an illusion that these kisses multiply because they tend to increase in size as they absorb 30-40% of their fragrance oil. I never knew this until I was in high school. Sigh.


Jackstones - 90's toys

Boys and girls alike of the 90’s have been challenged by jackstones. It is played indoor or outdoor by scattering the jackstones, throwing the rubber ball on air letting it bounce, picking up a stone and catching the ball again.

Next round will be getting two stones at once and so on. After going through the 10-stone round, the player will then proceed to tricks or “exhibitions” like lollipop, around-the-world, “kweba”, among others. Each round he finishes a trick, he gets to collect one stone. The player who has the most stones wins. Super fun, n’est-ce pas?


Sipa is made of a metal washer and plastic straws (sometimes a candy wrapper will do) so it will look like a shuttlecock. Back then, sipa was our national sport.

In 2009 though, the Philippine Congress declared Arnis de Mano (harness of the hand) as the national sport through RA 9850. Very similar to sepak takraw, it is a makeshift version of kids in streets as rattan balls are not usually available.

It can be played on your own or with other players by kicking it through the air and balancing with our elbows or feet, hence the name. I was able to showcase my balancing skills and agility then. Those were the days.

Old Tire

tire game - 90's toys
Photo Credit: Flickr

Saving the best for last, this is by far the most favorite 90’s kids toy. As simple as it is, this is made of old tires of motorcycles. The main goal is to keep the tire rolling with their hands or sticks until they reach the finish line. 

These, among others, made us have an awesome childhood. Ahh, the good times! Brings back old memories of our simple yet fascinating and happy childhood in the 90’s. All we really needed were these simple toys and our wild imagination and we were brought to different places. Truly a remarkable decade.

What were your childhood toys? Did I miss anything? Did you miss any of these toys? Do share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

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