5 Calming Yoga Poses To Relieve Tension And Free Y...

5 Calming Yoga Poses To Relieve Tension And Free Your Mind

Calming Yoga

Have you heard of calming yoga? If you are feeling a bit off lately, or if you feel overwhelmed, stressed out or perhaps a little blue. This might be for you.

Here’s a beginner-friendly calming yoga poses for you!

Yoga is known to relieve tension as it naturally decreases cortisol, encourage mindfulness, and make you more connected with your breath. These are essential to the way our brain processes daily thoughts and emotions.

5 Basic Calming Yoga Poses

With this routine, you’re only going to need just about five minutes and any place where you can lie down to relieve tension.

Seated Position - Calming Yoga Poses
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To start, seat in a comfortable position as you prepare your mind and body to fully surrender into this slow-paced, calming yoga poses.

Child’s Pose

This pose is very easy. From your seated position, move your body in all fours. Spread your knees hip-width apart, with your big toes together.

Then, press your hips toward your heels as you walk your hands forward and extend your arms until your body is flat on the ground.

You can let your forehead rest and hold this position for ten deep breaths.

Child's Pose - Calming Yoga Poses
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Cat/Cow Pose

Release your arms and go back to all fours. Keep in mind to have your wrists parallel to your shoulders and knees to your hips.

Slowly inhale as you drop your belly and lift up your gaze for the cow pose.

As you exhale, do the cat pose by drawing your belly to your spine and rounding your back with your chin to the chest if comfortable.

Continue doing it alternately for about ten breaths, switching poses respectively as you inhale and exhale.

Cat and Cow Pose - Calming Yoga Poses
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Downward Facing Dog

After your last cat pose, return to all fours. And then, start by moving your hands forward just a few extra inches and curling your toes under.

Ground your hands to the floor and have your fingers fanned out wide as you lift up your hips and press your chest to your thighs.

You can then choose to either straighten your legs or paddle it out to warm up your hamstrings. This should look like an upside-down V with your body.

Do it for another ten slow, deep breaths.

Downward Facing Dog - Calming Yoga Poses
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Easy Seated Twist

Bring the knees back down to the ground and switch to a seated position.

Put your left hand to your right knee and your right hand behind you. Breathe in deeply as you sit up tall and exhale slowly as you twist your body to the right.

Do this for about three breaths before switching to the other side and repeating the sequence.

Easy Seated Twist - Calming Yoga Poses
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Supine Twist

Return to the seated position and then lie on your back.

Bend both your knees and slowly breathe in as you bring them close to your chest. For a deeper stretch, you can hug your legs and push them in a bit more.

Breathe out and release your hold.

While still bent, use your hand to guide your legs over to your right and twist. Spread your arms out and have them form a T shape.

Hold this for ten controlled breaths and repeat on the other side. Then, you’re good to go! Feel your body relieve tension and relax.

Supine Twist - Calming Yoga Poses
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Calming Yoga Poses In Your Daily Routine

Always remember to focus on keeping your breathing deep and controlled for all the yoga poses. Even with just a few minutes, this routine would surely make wonders to your well-being.

Yoga is one of the best practices you could do to help you find your center and relieve tension. It relaxes both your mind and body.

This is why doing calming yoga poses can also help you have a restful sleep and consequently a better quality of life.

Source: The Active Times

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