Best Friends: Can They Do You Good Or More Harm?

Best Friends: Can They Do You Good Or More Harm?

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Do you have best friends that you really trust? Or do you have a person that you considered a part of your family? Not all people have a best friend, but don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a best friend, you are not friendly.

Some people prefer to have fewer friends rather than having a lot. Nowadays It’s hard to find a real friend that has concerns about you and that you can trust.

People say that having fewer friends are much better rather than having so many friends but fake. If you are a successful person, you will have a lot of friends that will admire you.

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Why? Because they think that if they will be friends with you who succeeded in life, they can benefit from it in the future. But once a successful man or woman struggles, the people who said that you are their friend will vanish quickly. Sad but true.

Having a best friend is a gift from God. Because that person will always be there every time you are facing a problem. And that person will protect you from other people who want to harm you.

Advantages of having a best friend

BFFs call you out on your wrongdoings

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Your best friend will tell you the truth when you made a mistake. He/she will criticize you for your mistakes, but still on your side. That person only wants you to be on the right path because he/she cares for you.

Best friends reduce stress

When you are stressed about something like in your job, to your boss or anything that made you stressed. You can release all of that to your best friend by telling about everything that makes you stressed. Having a conversation with the people whom you trusted, makes you relax and feel at ease.

Best friends give unconditional support

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When you have a best friend and you ask him/her for help. He/she will always be there without asking for a return. Anything you do, your best friend will always support you no matter what.

Best friends give you self-esteem boost

When you are down and feel that you are not that good in many ways, that your life is a mess. Your best friend will be there to give you courage and to inspire you that you are the best.

Best friends are loyal

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Your best friend will never betray you. He/she will never abandon you even though you don’t have anything to give. That person will always on your side whatever happens.

On best friends becoming your worst enemy

Having a best friend is good. But sometimes the best friends can be your worst enemy. The reasons are:


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When you reach your goal and your best friend did not. Sometimes your best friend will get jealous and will do everything to make you down.

Love life

Sometimes best friends have the same crush on the same person. And they will compete just to win or to be with that person they like.

Broken Secrets

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All best friends have their own secrets. But once one of them revealed, that the start of ending their friendship.

Having a best friend is a blessing. You can’t find a real friend easily. A best friend is like the extension of your family, you will treat your best friend as your own sister/brother. It’s better to have a companion outside your house while growing.

You will make a memorable experience with your best friend. Just to make sure that be sensitive to your best friend’s feeling. Think before you say something that will hurt the feelings of your friend. Be always thankful for your best friend for always be there for you.

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