What Really Makes You Beautiful Inside And Out

What Really Makes You Beautiful Inside And Out

Beautiful within

Beautiful, pretty, sexy, and gorgeous. Flatteries such as these ring a bell to women’s ears. These compliments, when uttered by loved ones or strangers alike (given that they are not said lasciviously), can truly boost one’s self-confidence.

Women’s journey to stay beautiful

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Thus, women take extra effort to maintain their outer appearance. Women resort to cosmetics, trendy clothes, diet plans, and even surgery. They may be pricey but as long as they feel good and beautiful afterward they are worth every penny.

People enjoy “beauty” because it satisfies the eye. This explains our admiration for people who are epitomes of beauty like the beauty queens, celebrities, influencers, and many more.

Beauty beyond beauty

Notwithstanding, people have various perceptions regarding beauty. As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Apart from face value, people may find women beautiful because of their:

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Simplicity. Some women may wear less or no makeup or get up in casual clothes but still get the admiration of others because of their simplicity.

Shapes. Being beautiful is not all about curves. In fact, plus-sized women have given the word “sexy” a new meaning. Women are also recognized for their confidence and determination regardless of shapes and sizes.

Intelligence. Beauty queens are not only appreciated for their exceptional beauty but also their intellect. This is very true in beauty pageants where the “beauty and brains” take them all. Smart women prove that beauty is something more than meets the eye.

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Purpose. Women who inspire, influence, and uplift other women are regarded as beautiful because of their advocacies.

Humor. Women who make people laugh are adorable. Men find funny women attractive and interesting.

Mom’s eyes. This is the real winner. Be it physical or nonphysical, mothers are an exception to the rule as they find beauty in their children where others cannot. Can’t beat that!

Beauty unseen but felt

“What is essential is invisible to the eye,” according to the Little Prince, a book authored by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. True. What matters most is unseen.

True beauty comes from within. It radiates from women who stay true to themselves despite the pressure posed by society. True beauty is more than a possession of a pretty face. It is the ability to stand out and face life’s challenges with aplomb.

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At the end of the day, we are drawn towards people regardless of their physical attributes. People’s kindness, friendliness, generosity, talent, humility, or intelligence make a person beautiful. We don’t need eyes to see that because they can be seen by the heart!

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