Be Happy: The 5 Key People You Need To Surround Yo...

Be Happy: The 5 Key People You Need To Surround Yourself Right Now


We all want to be happy but most of us don’t know how to achieve it. Perhaps this is because a lot of people still think that happiness works as is- that it just happens.

But truth is, in reality, the process of being happy is complex and intricate. It requires having a gleaming intention strong enough to push you to act. 

You don’t just randomly “find” happiness but instead, you “create” it yourself.

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According to an international speaker and business strategist, Stacey Flowers, to be able to be really happy, you need to find a good support system. This includes five “vital friends” in your life that you should associate with the most as they’ll influence greatly how you think and act towards your goals.

5 People You Need in Life to be Happy


This very person believes in you while the rest of the world (including yourself) doesn’t. A cheerleader will stand up for you and sing your praises. They will not be afraid to break out the pom-poms and support you all the way even when you start to doubt yourself.

This type of friend roots for you and helps you have the confidence whenever you need it. They thrive on your accomplishments and are happy to see you happy.

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Looking for a cheerleader in your life?

Keep an eye on those people who are optimistic and who like praising others. These people are usually kind and down-to-earth. Should you find one, remember to tell them how you appreciate them and thank them for all the help. They’ll love you more for it.


This person will keep you headed to the right path. A mentor will not just point you to the right direction but will also guide you through it so you don’t get lost. They’re the ones to give advice and share information to help you grow and become the best version of yourself.

When you’re at a crossroads, this will be the first person you’d talk to. Whenever you face a difficult situation that needs impossible decisions, a mentor will help you stay grounded and lead you to finding an answer. With this person, you’ll continue to learn and develop yourself to your very best. 

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Looking for a mentor in your life?

Communication is key. Ask the people around you about their lives- the challenges they had to face and how they’ve overcome it. You can also share your aspirations and listen to them respond. Of course this is something you do at an appropriate time so make sure to read the room first before diving deep and asking for insights.


This person will push you to make things happen and finish the race. A coach will continually take you out of your comfort zone and motivate you to take it to the next level. They’ll be the one to notice your strengths and help you use it to maximize your potential.

In short, this friend will make you do more even on those that you already do well in. They will help you achieve more and become more productive each day.

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Looking for a coach in your life?

Because who doesn’t need that annoying friend who keeps on nudging you to be better? Kidding aside, a coach is usually an organized person who gives solid answers. If you have a friend who always checks in with you just to ask about your progress or even nags you to get up and do things, then that may be your coach.


This person is someone who knows your heart’s truest desires. They’ll always be there for you regardless of how bad of a situation you’re in. A friend is someone whom you share an unbreakable bond.

They know all about your dreams, passions, and even misadventures as you might’ve overshared your entire life to them without knowing. This is the person you’d probably literally put your life on the line.

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Looking for a friend in your life?

Here’s a person among your current friends that you trust the most. You may have even thought of having a deeper relationship with them and may consider them as your best friend. If you have someone in mind, go ahead and spend more time with that person. Try to open up about your life and be vulnerable.


This person shares similar interests with you and may even love the same strange thing that you’re into. It may be a passion for food, books, hobbies, movies, or whatnot. They’ll keep you focused on your A game and will help you finish any task on hand.

You may even belong to the same community or group, and have similar affiliations regarding your passion and ambitions. They’ll be there to pull you up to the top when you need it and you’d definitely do the same for them. This person will help you achieve your dreams with them.

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Looking for a peer in your life? 

If you have interests and hobbies you usually do on your own, try to let the people around you know about it. Who knows, your officemate may be into calligraphy or yoga as well. You can also try attending events or enrolling to a class where you can meet fellow enthusiasts.

“True, bonafide, authentic happiness is about unleashing your God-given talents to positively influence this world.” – Stacey Flowers

And these are the five major people who have a key role in helping you achieve such authentic happiness. We receive different things from different friends so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see all these on one pal.

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I think it’s also important to note how you should make sure to be at least one of these types of people for others as well. The best way to be happy is still starting with yourself and playing a better role in the lives of others.

The more you mold yourself into someone who has something essential to offer, the more you find yourself attracting great people. So, pay it forward!

Here’s a video of Stacey Flowers talking about the Five Factors of Happiness.

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