Are Bananas Good and Effective For Weight Loss?

Are Bananas Good and Effective For Weight Loss?


Eating bananas does not directly lead to weight loss but since these are a rich source of fiber, it is considered to be a great part of any healthy and balanced diet.

Bananas reduce bloating, help a person control his/her appetite, and replace the processed sugars in the body.

Bananas and Weight Loss

A single banana contains 3.07 grams of fiber and for an adult on a 2000 calorie-diet, it is recommended to have an intake of 25g.

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Research shows that there is a link between fiber intake and weight loss. Higher fiber intake also helps reduce and stabilize blood sugar.

Another proven worth of bananas is that it makes a person feel full for a longer time and therefore, reduces the calories in the body.

One review claimed that upon looking at more than 50 studies, it suggests that increasing the daily intake of fiber by 14g could lead to a 10% decrease in overall energy intake and a weight loss of 2 kilograms (4.41 pounds) over 4 months.

Moreover, another research from China looked at the effects of fiber on appetite. The test was done in 100 overweight but healthy adults. The results showed that an increase in dietary fiber reduces hunger. It also lowers cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Resistant Starch and Weight Loss

Resistant starch is a type of carbohydrate that does not break down easily in the small intestine. It is commonly present in unripe green bananas and is effective in decreasing blood sugar levels.

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Since this type of starch can’t be digested in the small intestine, it directly goes to the large intestine. The starch is fermented there until it produces good bacteria in the gut.

It is recommended to eat more resistant starch to reduce weight since it also reduces appetite and improves insulin sensitivity.

Other Benefits

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Most people believe that banana is only rich in potassium. However, there are more benefits you can get from bananas such as:


Bananas are rich in magnesium. Based on statistics, a medium banana contains 32 mg of magnesium, which is equivalent to about 8% of the recommended daily intake.

Magnesium is necessary for energy production, nervous system function, and the regulation of blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


Aside from potassium and magnesium, bananas are a good source of energy, especially when exercising. A 2012 study showed that eating a ripe banana during a workout has similar effects on endurance like in carbohydrate drinks.

Nutrition and Ripeness

Bananas contain several nutrients, including small amounts of vitamins A, E, and K.

Foods with a low glycemic index (GI) score keeps blood sugar level steady. A GI score of 55 or less is perfect and for fruits, the riper it is, the higher its GI score.

Hence, despite the sugar content of bananas, it is still considered harmless for those people with diabetes and beneficial for weight loss.

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In the end, bananas do not specifically affect weight loss but have properties that can make a person shed some pounds, such as its high fiber content.

The most important thing for someone who wants to lose weight is to consider his/her calorie intake compared to what he/she burns in a day. Including bananas in the diet is always recommended too.

Source: Medical News Today

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