Abrelata Series: Cooking Sardines In 10 Healthy Wa...

Abrelata Series: Cooking Sardines In 10 Healthy Ways

10 Healthy Ways- Sardines

Sardines are considered one of the most widely consumed foods of the masses. They’re eaten by so many Filipinos and are utilized in a lot of different dishes.

In fact, in the wake of the global pandemic, it is one of the foods that are usually seen in many relief goods that have been distributed to solve hunger. But its cheap price can’t be underestimated because it also has health benefits for our body like omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, protein, minerals, and more.

Did you know that canned sardines can even be cooked in healthy ways? In fact, I would like to share these 10 different healthy ways for you to try cooking for your families.

1. Sardines with misua and patola

Misua and Patola- Sardines
Photo Credit: Delish

This combination would really make a difference, as many of the Filipinos like eating noodles. So, this vermicelli will be a perfect to mix to your canned sardines. You may also add patola and vegetables to make it even healthier.

2. Ginisang sardinas with pechay

Ginisang Pechay- Sardines
Photo Credit: Mamasguiderecipes

This recipe is perfect because it’s a healthy combination of low fats from pechay and calcium from sardinas.

3. Lumpia sardines

Lumpia- Sardines
Photo Credit: Picbabun

If you are one of those budget-friendly moms, sardines can also be made as lumpia which is mostly found in every Filipino occasion because of its demand. Just add some vegetables like kinchay and carrots to make it taste authentic. 

4. Sisig sardines

Sisig- Sardines
Photo Credit: Grahamho

Sisig lover but afraid of so much fats from pork? You should try this sisig recipe using sardines to substitute pork. Simply fry it and add some yellow onion, pepper, and egg to make it look like pinoy pork sisig.

5. Sardinas fried rice

Fried Rice- Sardines
Photo Credit: Dishbyili

The most wanted breakfast in the morning is “fried rice”. If your kids feel bored eating plain fried rice, this time you can give it a twist by mixing it with sardinas. I’m sure your kids would like to have it for breakfast.

6. Sardinas pasta 

Pasta- Sardines
Photo Credit: Cocinaconpoco

This French-inspired recipe will make you salivate with the goodness of its combination. You can make it even more special by adding some olive and garnishing with some herbs around it.

7. Sardinas burger

Burger- Sardines
Photo Credit: Rotinrice

We know kids are picky when it comes to food. So, by trying this recipe you can win them to eat sardines. Don’t forget to pair it with your homemade gravy sauce with mushroom and they will surely grab it without worries.

8. Sinigang na sardinas

Sinigang- Sardines
Photo Credit: Ang Sarap

Craving for sinigang? You might want to consider exploring this dish using sardinas. A great twist to one of the Filipino favorites. Let its sour taste give you relief during rainy season.

9. Sardinas pandesal

Pandesal- Sardines
Photo Credit: Indabuster

If you don’t feel like eating rice for breakfast, you can prepare this recipe as a replacement. Just mix it with mayonnaise and this will surely taste perfect. 

10. Tortang sardinas

Torta- Sardines
Photo Credit: Panlasangpinoy

Just like tortang corned beef, tortang sardinas recipe is absolutely quick and easy for you to cook. Simply mix it on a beaten egg before frying. You can also make this as stuff for your bread. 

Your canned sardine is no longer as boring as you can serve it in a variety of ways.


is a wellness coach who is health conscious and believes that "A proper nutrition can reduce at risk in some kind of diseases." Her interest to this concept lead her to become a writer, where she can share her knowledge and ideas that may also help others.


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