5 Unhealthy Foods To Say “No” To If You Want To Sh...

5 Unhealthy Foods To Say “No” To If You Want To Shed Off Some Pounds


Losing weight is an uphill battle. The struggle gets even more difficult if your extra pounds are caused by medical problems. Furthermore, digging in the wrong kinds of food puts you at a disadvantage.

Following are some of the foods that should never be on your plate if you want to win the battle against the bulge:

White rice

White rice - food
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White rice is an example of refined grains, which means it has been stripped of all fiber and nutrients. Like pasta and white bread, it gets digested quickly and it only fills you up for a short period of time. Also, its high glycemic index causes blood sugar levels to fluctuate.

So, how does it affect your weight?

Every time you eat white rice and other refined carbs, your blood becomes flooded with sugar. To remove the excess amount of sugar from your blood, your insulin spikes up. All the insulin will then leave you with a hungry feeling and so you crave more sugary carbs. As a result, you gain weight!


burger - food
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Most burgers contain trans fat, one of the worst culprits of weight gain. Beef patties alone contain high levels of trans fats which are known to raise bad cholesterol levels. Interestingly, trans fats increase the amount of fat around your belly. What’s worse, they also move the fats from other areas of your body to your belly. Creepy, right?

French fries

French fries - food
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French fries are rich in calories. An average serving of 139-gram French fries could give you a whopping 429 calories. Moreover, they are mixed with high contents of fat and salt which make you crave more. They are often eaten with ketchup, which contains high levels of sugar.


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Siomai contains high levels of pork fat and is a high-calorie food. It contains 30% pork fat which is mostly saturated fat—the reason why it is soft and tasty. Four pieces of siomai contain approximately 400 calories, and frying it will give you 600 calories.

Ice cream

Ice cream - food
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Specifically, commercial ice cream is full of fats, sugar and calories. A serving of buko salad ice cream (100ml) contains 110 calories and 3.5 grams of fat, 50% of which are saturated fat. Most of the calories come from the added sugar and its fat content. No wonder, eating ice cream regularly can lead to weight gain.

Eliminating unhealthy foods in your diet is one key to effective weight loss

In a nutshell, no matter how many times you go to the gym, you won’t achieve the healthy weight you are aiming for if you don’t get rid of the wrong foods from your diet.

Source: Openfit

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