5 Popular Small Food Business Ideas In The Philipp...

5 Popular Small Food Business Ideas In The Philippines

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Locals, especially food enthusiasts benefit from the continuous rising of food industries in the Philippines. With Filipinos being resourceful and with their ability to always come up with a great idea to make a profit, this becomes the reason why many Filipinos consider a business that is related to food.

Starting a small food business needs to focus on the concepts of food choice and costing. While competition in the market is very tight, creativity and the price of products should fit the taste of the consumers. The good news is, financial capital is not a hindrance to start building your own small business.

In this article, I decided to collate the most popular small business ideas to provide suggestions in starting a small business here in the Philippines. So, here are small businesses ideas that only need small investment.

Burger Food Business

Burger business is the most popular small business here in the Philippines. Filipinos love to order on-the-go food and a hamburger business is one of the best ideas to start small businesses.

Burger - food business
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Assistance by only two staff workers can make things work out for the business. The investment is not high and the income from this business is good.

BBQ Stalls Food Business

Barbecue stalls are everywhere. The barbecue stall starts to open at 4’o clock in the afternoon. Closing time is once their product gets sold out. Barbecues from the grills are reserved for the customers.

bbq stalls -  food business
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When getting this business, the investment will depend on the raw materials to produce products. Here, kasim, an inexpensive cut of pork is used for making the barbecues.

Homemade Food Business

You can start this business at home by making baked goods like customized cakes, cupcakes, chocolate pop, and candy pops.

In this business, you need to invest in equipment and raw materials for baking. It is a little expensive, but you can have more profit. Moreover, being artistic to create customized cakes is crucial. Passion and patience are needed.

homemade food -  food business
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Another way to start a business at home is on the food that you can cook. Investment in this is according to the raw materials you need. Your products can be presented in simple tubs.

The Internet can be used as the number 1 way to get you more clients through the pictures of your products. Your goods should not only taste delicious but also the presentation should be pleasant to the eyes at an affordable price.

Roasted Chicken Food Business

One whole chicken that weighs 1.2 kg needs only to be marinated in inexpensive ingredients.

roasted chicken - food business
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You don’t need expensive griller. A griller with spits roast and charcoal is all you need to roast chicken. You can also add pork belly “liempo” besides roasted chicken in the menu.

Native Delicacies Food Business

Native delicacies are all year round. This business is tried and tested. This includes puto, suman, bibingka, kutsinta, sapin-sapin, and kakanin. These are all homemade products that are easy to sell through social media, special deliveries, or small stalls.

suman -  food business
Photo credit: Kawaling Pinoy

Look around you and observe the stalls and small businesses in your area. Consider your budget to provide for your first investment. Make a good profit in the business you want to have.

Make your food business presentable and pleasing to the eyes of the consumers. Again, the taste of your food should be delicious but at an affordable price to keep your consumers buy again.

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