5 Cancer-Causing Foods People Love To Eat

5 Cancer-Causing Foods People Love To Eat


The old saying that “food is life” is indeed true. However, there are certain foods that do more harm than good and can cause life-threatening illnesses.

The most important thing for people to protect is their health. Once a person gets sick, his body undergoes change and it’s hard to bring back the things that he had before sickness.

In today’s generation, we have a lot of good hospitals and medicines that can now treat incurable diseases like Cancer, Tuberculosis and other deadly illnesses. In the past, many diseases don’t have any cure, unlike today where we have good hospital facilities and equipment and right medicines.

But not all people can afford expensive treatment.

Despite having good technology and good medicines to treat our illnesses, there are still many people who get sick. The main reason is poor diet and food choices, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Here are the five most common cancer-causing food

Processed Meat

processed meat - food
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Red meat should be eaten in moderation, but processed meats like hot dogs, bacon, corned beef, and ham should be avoided altogether. Sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate are known as carcinogens- are added to these meats to preserve them and to “enhance” their color

Refined Sugars

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Refined sugar doesn’t cause cancer directly, but it does help cancer grow. Sugars occur naturally in all plants and they are an essential part of the food chain.


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Liver disease, dehydration, loss of cognitive function, heart failure, and now you can add cancer to the ever-growing list of reasons not to drink.

Grilled Meat

Grilled Meat - food
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When the meat is grilled, heterocyclic aromatic amines are formed. What this basically means is that the charcoal marks on your burger or chicken breast are bad news.

Fried Food

fried -food
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When we think of the reasons fried food is bad for us, the first thing that comes to mind is its high-fat content. While it’s true that certain fats can heighten cholesterol and blood pressure, these fats and oils become even more dangerous when they are quick-cooked at high temperatures.

When oils and fats -even good fats like the ones found in fish and olive oil- are heated to frying temperatures their molecular structure changes, creating a new substance called acrylamide which has been shown to cause cancer in rats.

If we want to live longer in this world, we must learn how to take care of our health. It depends on what kind of food we are putting inside our bodies. Let’s try to avoid that toxic food that can harm our health and try to eat organic food like vegetables and non-chemical product.

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